Little Irwin (Michae Clifford)


Requested : Yes

  • Can you do a Michael smut where your Ashtons little sister (about 17) and you’ve only met michael when you were 10. You have to go on tour with them and Michael ducks you on the tour bus whilst everyone is shopping? Love your writing btw x
  • more michael please! love your work so much :) take your time though babe .xx

Rating : R

Word count : 1 728

Story line : You’re Ashton’s little sister and join the band on tour and Michael and you end up doing dirty things in his bunk

You were sitting on a sofa in the back of the tour bus, catching up with your bother when the three other boys came in. You turned your head and smiled at them as Ashton kept on telling you about the different cities he’d been to. “I don’t know if I told you that this morning; but you’ve really changed since the last time I saw you, little Irwin” Michael interrupted as your brother glared at him. “Well I hope so, I was like 10” you chuckled; “oh and don’t call me that” you pouted as he came to sit beside you. “I think it suits you, you’re very small” he smirked as you slapped his chest playfully, his fingers immediately wrapping around your wrist to stop you. “I’m not, you’re just ridiculously tall that’s all… You’re just jealous because you’re awkward and I’m not” you teased and he cocked an eyebrow at you before placing his hands on your waist and starting to tickle you.

You were completely out of breath and tears were rolling down your cheeks from laughter when he finally stopped; you soon realized that he was lying on top of you and you pushed his shoulders to be able to sit up again. Ashton was looking at the both of you darkly and when Michael made eye contact with him; he gave him a small but meaningful nod, as if he was reminding him of a previous conversation they might have had.

Michael moved away from you, making sure he wasn’t touching you anymore as you gave a weird look to your brother. “Did you really give your band mates the ‘don’t you dare touch my sister’ speech too?” you asked outraged but he didn’t even look at you so you darted your eyes over to the other boys to see them all looking at their feet. You sighed loudly and pinched the bridge of your nose in an attempt to calm yourself down; it has always been a big issue between the two of you; sometimes he just took his big brother role way too seriously and as cute as it was when you were 13, you started to get a bit tired of it. You didn’t want to fight with him right now and you knew you were too tired from the long flight to keep a clear mind so you just stood up from the couch and walked toward the door.

“I’m actually really tired I think I’m gonna take a nap; where do I sleep?” you asked your brother as he stood up and walked you to a bunk in the middle of the bus. “We’re going to go shopping with the boys… Is that okay if you stay here alone?” he asked concerned as you rolled your eyes; “I’m 17 Ashton, I’m going to be just fine” you answered and he wrapped his arms around you, engulfing you in a heartwarming hug; “It’s good to have you here, sis” he said before walking back to where the boys were.

Half an hour later, you were listening to some music in you bunk when you heard a loud noise coming from under you. You shakily opened the curtain and looked down to see what it could possibly be; you let out a heavy sigh when you saw Michael casually lying in the bunk under yours, both his hands lying on his stomach as he gave you an innocent smile. “You didn’t go shopping with the boys?” you asked before sliding off your bunk and leaning on the wall across Michael’s one; “they shop for me” he shrugged with a cheeky smile; “oh yeah, I forgot you were a geek who never got out” you teased as the tip of your tongue slipped from your lips.

You didn’t know how he did that; but in a matter of seconds you were lying under him in his bunk and his fingers were digging into your sides once again. “No, Michael stop!” you pleaded as you tried to wriggle out of his grasp but he wasn’t having it; “you have to stop being mean” he said before letting you catch your breath.

You laid there for a few minutes; him on top of you in a comfortable silence as you looked into his beautiful and really weird eyes. “When I said you changed earlier I actually meant that you became really hot” he breathed over you and you blushed deeply; you’ve always had a thing for Michael, even as a kid… You didn’t really have a crush on him but you definitely fantasized about him every now and then.

“Well yeah obviously I grew some boobs” you rolled your eyes at him and his eyes lowered to shamelessly look at your cleavage; “and some beautiful ones” he nodded as your breath hitched in your throat. You weren’t sure if he was sending some kind of signals or not but you decided that the best way to find out was to try and make the first move.

You slowly lifted your head from the pillow and inched your face closer to his until your lips were brushing his; you waited for a while, looking for any sign of reluctance before pressing your lips to his. He immediately tilted his head to the side and glided his tongue over your bottom lip as you opened your mouth slightly.

The atmosphere in the narrow space soon became full of sexual tension as he started to harden and roll his hips down on yours; “you’re not scared of my brother?” you asked surprised as his hands started to slide under your t-shirt; “not really… He doesn’t have to know though, right?” he answered and you trailed your hand down to rest on top of his bulge; “he doesn’t” you whispered before pressing your lips back on his and palming him through his jeans.

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